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Work At Home With NHCD

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All Positions Available For Advancement

Our ideal candidate might be new to working from home but has the drive and determination required for success.  Previous telephone work experience is a plus, but is not necessary, as you will be provided with a management support system that is second to none.  You are our ideal candidate if you are sincere in your desire to work from home, have a home office, which includes a computer with Internet access and a landline home telephone, and want to make everyday bring your child to work day!
You will start in this position first in order to give you a better foundation and a greater appreciation for what we do as a company. This will help you should you decide to move up within the company.
The purpose of this first week is simply to introduce you to our business and to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the lead generation process.
You will work in this department for 48 hours at least - or you can chose to stay in this department longer. Whatever you decide. Remember, where you are happy and comfortable is where you will find success within our company!

A senior manager will be in contact with you after you have worked in Leads a few days and then you and she can discuss your options for promotion then. Make notes, set goals for yourself and we will work together towards your success!

Below is a brief snapshot of what you can expect to do in the other departments.

In Recruiting, we are interviewing individuals, such as yourself, for a position with the company. It is our responsibility to screen applicants and should we find them qualified, we get them started with the company.
On an average, a recruiter working part-time (15-20 hours) will bring in $100-300. You will be paid $10 -15.00 per hire along with additional bonuses where applicable.

The Sales Department is responsible for contacting the individuals that the Lead Generators have submitted. On an average, a sales representative working part-time (10-15 hours) will bring in $300-600.
You will be paid $20 - 30.00 per sale along with additional bonuses where applicable.

Managers take care of their own group of representatives. You will be training, motivating, and taking care of all of their needs. Management receives commission on their own merits as well as that of their team. The weekly income would therefore depend on all variables.
All training is held on the company's toll-free conference line.
All Needed materials are available on our online server.
The support from your assigned Manager is unlimited.
This is a real company and a real job opportunity.
This is NOT a MLM (multi-level marketing).
Join our Company! We thrive through making opportunities for those individuals who would rather be where they are most needed.
Go Ahead, Work at home with A Winning Team!

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