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National Health Care Discount
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Save Up To 65% On Your Prescription Medications!

Few things are more important in your life than being able to afford the medications your doctor prescribes to you and your family. The fact is that many people cannot afford those medications.  NHCD provides both Seniors and non-Seniors alike, savings of an average of 50% or more on their prescriptions through our mail-order program. We are one of the only companies in the country who offer such substantial savings.

NHCD accesses the largest Prescription Drug Card networks across the country.
Our professional networks have over 75 Million members nationwide accessing them each year. With our easy to use discount card, you can benefit from our services whether you have insurance or not.

Save an average of 21% off of your pharmacie's retail price. You will save up to 13% on brand name prescriptions and up to 55% on generic prescriptions at most major chain pharmacies.

National Health Care Discount has over one million members nationwide and has been licensed since 1989.

We are commited to providing the best discounts for your health care needs and the highest level of customer service possible.

We are a people company in every sense of the word.

Consumers spent $90 billion more on prescription drugs last year than the $64 billion spent just 6 years ago.

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is a drain on many seniors budgets and the problem is increasing at an alarming rate.

National Health Care Discount provides its members with a solution to these high cost problems.

With the many options our program offers, seniors are provided with a low cost alternative that provides them with the ability to afford all of their medications instead of just a few of them!

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