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National Health Care Discount
Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs!


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National Health Care Discount has lower prices!!

Save on some of the most popular vitamins, herbs, oils, teas, great tasting snack bars, juices, skin care products and much much more!

Don't get in your car and drive to the pharmacy, let the pharmacy come to you. Call 1-800-696-8042 with Ref. I.D. 3255 today! It has never been easier to get high quality, low cost Vitamins delivered right to your door.  At NHCD you'll find more than 6000 products to help you meet all your daily requirements on supplements that are vital to good health. You'll also find a healthy 30 to 60% savings that are vital to your budget.

Would you call out roadside recovery if you ran out of petrol? Of course not. It would take ages and wouldnt solve the problem anyway. Yet every day hundreds of men make the same bad call when it comes to their own health by turning up at hospitals Accident and Emergency or Casualty departments for totally the wrong reason.

Children have special nutritional needs. This time of rapid growth, out of their sneakers as well as building new cells and tissues, creates demand for a regular supply of essential nutrients. Let us help you in the battle to find a supplement that meets your child's needs, and tastes!

Save up to 60% off your favorite children's vitamins and supplements.

Quality of life is what we all want. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life.  NHCD offers products to help you maintain your heath.

Good health is the key to a happy life. In a fast and demanding life, health unfortunately takes a backseat whereas it should be of prime concern. Let us supply you with all your vitamin and supplement needs.

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